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Our Mission & Vision Statement



New Covenant Ministries is committed to bringing people to Jesus Christ through Evangelism. We Teach people to Praise and Worship the Savior: Jesus Christ. Through Faithful Fellowship, Giving to the Lord, and Prayer for one another, New Covenant fosters growth to Maturity in Christ’s Love. This is how our church remains strong and continues to be “The Ministry that Makes the Difference”.



“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise” ~ Proverbs 11:30 

The vision of New Covenant Ministry has been given, to us, by God Himself. This vision is recorded here,   

in accordance with Habakkuk 2:2-3, so that our ministry stays mindful of what will come to fruition. 

Our vision requires that we be unified, and in agreement, so that the Lord can do His marvelous 

work  through us (Matthew 18:19). All members are encouraged to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance, on 

how to co-labor with  us, in this God-ordained process of bringing the vision to pass. 

New Covenant Ministry’s  vision includes the following fulfillment: 

  • Becoming a place where the depressed, hurting and lonely can find love, friendship, hope, help, guidance, strength and encouragement 
  • Reaching the residents, of Onslow County and Camp Lejeune, with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • Welcoming 1,000 members into fellowship with our church family where they will live, learn, love,   laugh and give with the spirit of oneness
  • Developing people through Bible Studies, Seminars, Marriage Retreats, Singles Retreats, Youth Fellowship, Youth Banquets, Women’s Conferences, Men’s Fellowship, Prayer Clinics, Children’s Fellowship, Laity and Leaders’ Workshops, Revivals, Crusades and a Bible College that is open to everyone
  • Equipping believers, for powerful ministry, by helping them discover God-given gifts and talents
  • Sending Missionaries and church workers throughout the globe to empower them to be disciples for     our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Acquiring 10 acres of land to build a Member Center that will house a Day Care, a K-6 and higher  School, classrooms for a Bible School, a Biblical Studies center, a Recreation Facility, a 1,000-seat Worship Center, a media studio, a homeless shelter, a feeding center, a book store, and a Day Center     for the Elderly
  • Ministering to the sick, shut-in, hospitals, convalescent homes, and penal incarceration facilities to     give a word in due season
  • Building an Adult Secondary Education Program that will include GED and High School Equivalency training
  • Constructing a Recreation and Skills Development Center where groups can discover skills needed for their growth and development into successful Christian Adults
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